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Winter Fence Tips

Finally a cold front! Although brief, Houston got its first cold front of the year last week and the temperature is starting to slowly go down. What does this mean for a fence? Well here are 3 tips for maintaining your fence during the coming colder days.

  1. Changing temperatures changes your fence. Rising and falling temperatures can cause the materials in your fence to expand and contract. This can cause knots in the fence to fall out, leaving holes throughout your fence. These holes, when left unaddressed, can cause your fence to become susceptible to rot and wood eating insects.
  2. As the temperature changes, so does the landscape. As trees lose their leaves, some of the leaves can get trapped in the small spaces and gaps along a fence. This debris stops airflow and can create a trap for moisture along the fence. Moisture can be extremely detrimental to your fence. For this reason it is always a good idea to regularly clean off your fence.
  3. Clean your cement footings. Cement, like wood, can trap moisture. This can lead to cracks and a compromise of the structural integrity of the fence. Be sure to sweep any dirt and debris away from the cement to help prevent any need for repairs.

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